Project Planning and Management for Iterative Model

What is this?

The purpose of this service is to facilitate the customers to come up with a project plan for an iterative life cycle model. The methodology advocated here follows that of the Rational Unified Process but customized to the suit the needs of the project. The following sections provide an overview of the activities involved.

Why this?

Iterative model is a proven life cycle model for developing software applications or products. However, it requires proper attention to come up with a development plan. The plan would identify the iteration tasks, identify and schedule the resource needs, and help track progress against the schedule. The plan would also help the team members to understand what activities they need to perform and when they need to perform them.

Who can benefit out of this?

Both stakeholders and the development team are benefited. Stakeholders get an assurance that the application is delivered progressively; they also have an opportunity to participate in the development. The architect and the project managers mitigate the risks early and take the development work forward smoothly. The iterative planning and assessment help improve the estimates as the development progresses. This would bring in more predictability.

What are the different models we offer?

Astra Infotech offers the following services with respect to Analysis and design:

  • Training : One day training program on the foundation of the planning and management for iterative lifecycle model. This is based on the Rational Unified Process.
  • Consulting : This service facilitates the project managers in evolving a plan for their projects that follow an iterative model. Our consultants work along with the project manager in establishing the appropriate plan and implement the same.
  • Quickstart : This is a combination of training and consulting. The methodology is imparted in a short time with the hands-on being done on the project itself. This provides the shortest path to implement the methodology, ideally suited for small teams and projects.

What is the normal working model?

  • Trainings are imparted onsite with our trainers directly interacting with the project team
  • Consulting is either done wholly onsite or using an onsite-offshore model. Part of the documentation activities could be done offshore. This offers cost effective model for the customers.