Functional and Performance Testing

What is this?

This service addresses the implementation of functional and performances testing processes. The service is implemented using either IBM Rational or HP Mercury platforms. These processes incorporate the best industrial practices pertaining to functional and performance testing. The following sections provide an overview of the activities involved.

Why this?

Functional testing of the developed applications is essential to ensure the proper implementation of the functionalities and adherence to specified quality guidelines. A proper functional testing process facilitates the team in delivering a quality application. This is essentially a black-box testing using either IBM Rational or HP Mercury tools depending upon the customer preferences. Performance testing provides answers to the questions of whether the application is able to scale up and perform within expected limits. This also throws up shortcomings in architecture and design.

Who can benefit out of this?

Both stakeholders and developers are benefited. Stakeholders get an assurance that the application delivered is of the prescribed quality and performs as expected. In addition, the testing effort is automated using the preferred tools. This would ensure that more tests are performed ensuring adherence to quality. This reduces the mundane testing tasks thus enabling the testers to focus on the functionalities and qualities to be tested.

What are the different models we offer?

Astra Infotech offers the following services with respect to Analysis and design:

  • Training: Functional and performance testing is a three day’s program each imparting the basics of functional and performance testing using either IBM Rational or HP Mercury tools.
  • Consulting: This service facilitates the testers in evolving a process for testing and implementing the process. Our consultants work along with the system analysts and testers in establishing the appropriate process and implement the same.
  • Quickstart: This is a combination of training and consulting. The methodology is imparted in a short time with the hands-on being done on the project itself. This provides the shortest path to implement the methodology, ideally suited for small teams and projects.

What is the normal working model?

  • Trainings are imparted onsite with our trainers directly interacting with the project team.
  • Consulting is either done wholly onsite or using an onsite-offshore model. Part of the documentation activities could be done offshore. This offers cost effective model for the customers